Altzairu Steel Trade, based in Madrid, Spain has been established in 2016 to exploit the advantages in steel and non-ferrous metals trade. At its creation, Altzairu Steel looks into the business with a different perspective than the traditional trading business.

Playing the main role in the international transactions between the industry and producers worldwide are the fundamentals of Altzairu Steel which through its global partnerships aims to be a regular service provider throughout the world.

We are based in Madrid, Spain but given our global network with our partners, we can deliver service anywhere in the world.

Our core products are related to steel and non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum.


The Company creates business value in different ways....

Raw Materials Raw Materials
Raw Materials

Our team is experienced in raw materials vital to the steel production process, including scrap, iron ore, pig iron, HBI/DRI, coal, coke and ferroalloys, copper cathodes, copper wire rods and aluminium.

Financing Financing

It´s not easy to grow your business. We know one of the difficulties is finance. If you introduce a consistent project, we like to support it.

Logistics Logistics

Altzairu Steel provides freight services to its customers and suppliers in order to make complex transactions easy for both suppliers and buyers.
We ensure efficient and reliable transportation with our good cooperation with ship owners, ports, shipping agents and insurances.
Our services include safe handling, loading, shipping, breaking bulk, storage, insurance, inspection and inland distribution.

Price Risk Management Price Risk Management
Price Risk Management

The price of steel is very volatile and we help clients to deal with these fluctuations.

Stockholding Stockholding

Our target is to pursue an important cost-saving policy. We usually deal with buyers that need just in time deliveries. That’s why we hold stock, which we deliver to them within a very short period.

Special Products Special Products
Special Products

We have a history of working with customers who require highly specialized steel products including those in the renewables, oil and gas and automotive industries. We are also able to work with specialist product suppliers in getting their products to the right market.

and our specialty is

Steel Trading

Our core business is physical trading and logistics. Among our partners, we represent Fortune 500 Companies in both sides of the business.

We give steel suppliers exhaustive view on how to market their products and secure customers across the globe.
We give the industrial companies the expertise and support to organize their purchase needs and improve their procurement plans.

Our global view allows us to blend both needs from suppliers and customers ensuring we fulfil their exact needs.

We handle the complete range of steel products including all long, flat and tubular products of carbon, stainless and engineering steels as well as semi-finished products. Our connections range from steel mills, stockholders and steel processors to manufacturers of products for the oil and gas, automotive and consumer goods industries.

Everybody has it´s needs. At Altzairu we listen to them offering a range of added value services, including various forms of credit, shipping, inspection, breaking bulk at port, clearing goods through customs, consignment programs and intermediate stocking.

We are based in Madrid, Spain but given our global network with our partners, we can deliver service worldwide.


c/ Pedro de Valdivia 34 Local, 28006 Madrid, Spain
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